FNG Exclusive… Following on our earlier exclusive report from early June, that leading UK online broker IG Group was busy rebranding, FNG has learned that IG is heading into Phase 2 of the rebrand with new ad campaigns being launched in the coming days.

Back in June, we reported that IG had redone its longstanding logo, and upgraded its website. The rebranding had (and has) a lot to do with IG’s move to mobile, and the generally increasing use of mobile devices by retail traders when it comes to online financial trading. That move has certainly accelerated over the past few months, with the growing popularity of app based trading platforms such as Robinhood and Public.com in the US and NAGA Group in Europe.

Now, FNG has learned that IG is getting ready to launch a few new ad campaigns. The center campaign is titled: See It, IG It. The See It IG It lead video follows:

In addition, IG is going to launch video campaigns targeting mobile users. Here is the lead video for Android phone users. (There is a parallel ad for iOS device users as well). These ads will be targeted only at users on mobile devices.

The campaigns are clearly targeting IG’s core client demographic globally, which is typically (but not exclusively) male, aged between 30 to 50, living in financial cities, wealthy, well-educated in trading markets and usually in professional or technical jobs.

Gerhard Sagat

FNG spoke with Gerhard Sagat, Head of Brand at IG, who had the following to say about the new campaign:

“The main focus is around opportunity in our campaign. We are putting our clients at the centre of that so they know IG allows them to take advantage of all these opportunities.”

“The advert is about building global brand awareness that serves our new strategy. The campaign we have launched is publicly taking this brand to the market.”

Sources have informed FNG that the global campaign runs across the Middle East, Australia, the US, Asia Pacific, Europe and through to the UK. The advertising campaign will land in 21 markets globally coordinated across global business TV channels, online media, film, digital, outdoor advertising and also print media.

We expect to hear (and see) more from IG in the coming days and weeks. The past few months have been record setting for leading Retail FX and CFD brokers when it comes to new client acquisition, with brokers reporting record trading volumes and results. Now, it looks like some of those returns are being plowed back into marketing and continuing to bring on board a new generation of experienced financial traders.