FNG Exclusive… FNG has learned that FX industry news website FinanceFeeds (financefeeds.com) has been sold.

FinanceFeeds was started as a personal FX blog by Andrew Saks-McLeod in 2015. Mr. Saks-McLeod had previously been a writer for other forex blogs including Leaprate and FinanceMagnates (then known as ForexMagnates). Most of the writing on FinanceFeeds over the past several years has been done by Bulgaria based writer Maria Nikolova, who had worked with Mr. Saks-McLeod at Leaprate.

FNG has learned that Mr. Saks-McLeod sent out a note yesterday (see text below) to some of FinanceFeeds’ current and previous advertisers with news of the sale. The note, sent by email, indicates that the buyer is a company called FinFeed Services Ltd. FinFeed appears to be a newly incorporated UK company, controlled by Israeli-Cypriot businessman Ilja Kremer. The company also lists a director, Cyprus based Marios Nikolaou.

Subject: FinanceFeeds LTD

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to inform that we have sold the business and assets of FinanceFeeds LTD to FinFeed Services Ltd of Almack House, 26-28 King Street, London SW1Y 6QW.

Please note that they have acquired all the goodwill, data, client list and other assets relating to the business.

I will personally be working with this company and will continue to provide services as previously provided by FinanceFeeds LTD.

As far as you are concerned therefore, nothing has changed, but of course as a result of this arrangement FinanceFeeds LTD has assigned various contracts to FinFeed Services LTD.

I would be grateful if you could acknowledge this formal notification of the sale by signing and returning a copy of this letter, with your name, company name and date and returning it to me.

I will be in touch very soon with any change in bank details in order that future invoices can be remitted to the new account in the name of FinFeed Services LTD.

I will also be in contact within the next few days to discuss the sale of FinanceFeeds to FinFeed Services LTD, and to reassure you that the service you receive will remain fully active.

I believe this is an exciting development for the FinanceFeeds business, and am looking forward to our continued relationship.

I very much look forward to continuing to work with you on an ongoing basis as part of FinFeed Services LTD and look forward to receiving your acknowledgement via email with your signature attached.

Very best regards
Andrew Saks-McLeod
FinFeed Services LTD