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Forex Q&A


FNG’s Forex Questions-and-Answers (Q&A) section is a comprehensive review of common (and not-so-common) terms and phrases used in the global trading industry.

What is a pip? (And why is it called that?)

What is negative balance protection? (And why is it important for traders who use leverage?)

How can I make use of social trading?

You’ll find all that information and more in FNG’s Forex Q&A.

If you don’t see the definition or explanation for a term you’re interested in, or would like to offer our readers a better result than what we’ve written (no pride-of-authorship here!), then just let us know and we’ll follow up ASAP for you!

The definitions and explanations below refer to what these terms mean in the context of Forex and CFD trading. Note that they may have different meanings in other areas of finance, or in non-financial contexts.