Retail FX and CFD broker Dukascopy Bank is taking back leverage on certain instruments to its usual level following its reduction ahead of the US Presidential election.

In a brief notice on its website, Dukascopy said that the leverage decreased earlier facing the US elections has been now reconsidered to the following levels:

  • Index CFDs and Gold (XAU/USD) – leverage is increased to 1:50;
  • Silver (XAG/USD) – leverage remains at 1:30.

Dukascopy explains that these levels will remain in force until further notice.

Let’s recall that, 1:30 leverage had been applied to all Index CFDs, XAU/USD and XAG/USD from market opening on Sunday 1 / Monday 2 November. Dukascopy advised its clients back then to keep in mind reduced liquidity and possible price market gaps during election week.

Dukascopy usually offers up to 100x leverage under normal market conditions.

Other FX brokers have adjusted margin requirements for various trading instruments in light of the US Presidential election too. One such example is City Index.