Electronic trading major Interactive Brokers has introduced more enhancements to PortfolioAnalyst, a solution that consolidates, tracks and analyzes one’s complete financial performance.

The latest improvements include integration with Quote Details. Users of PortfolioAnalyst can tap into the functionalities of the Quick Trade order ticket to easily place orders, manage open orders, and view recent trades.

Also, they can make use of advanced intraday charting options to change time periods, add technical indicators like SMA, EMA, Bollinger Bands, and display volume charts.

The list of enhancements also includes live news stream and the ability to view recent transactions.

In the preceding update, the broker added new portfolio checkup features, so that investors can get the real-time health of their entire portfolio with an in-depth analysis of their holdings. New features include:

  • 7 day, month to date, 1 month, year to date, 1 year, inception, and custom time periods
  • Ability to add up to 3 benchmarks for comparison
  • Distribution of returns bar chart
  • Support to add all PortfolioAnalyst risk measures
  • Asset Class, Sector, and Geographic expansion to see the composition by position
  • View/hide table and chart
  • Layout configuration to show/hide desired widgets.

There is also a new Education Center, so that traders can get quick access to help topics, documentation, contact support and more.

Let’s also note that PortfolioAnalyst is now GIPS verified. Time-weighted and money-weighted returns are now calculated in accordance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS). GIPS® established standards for investment performance make it easier for investors to compare firms and make more informed investment decisions.