Cboe Global Markets announces the launch of Premium Exchange Tools for all Cboe-affiliated Equities Exchanges. This suite of enhanced reports and services, accessible via the Cboe Customer Web Portal, will be available July 1, 2021, with billing commencing in early August for July service, subject to regulatory review.

The Premium Exchange Tools suite’s unique combination of reports and services will enable Member firms to recognize the following benefits:

  • View and/or export execution information for the purpose of reconciliation and report generation.
  • View latency statistics relating to Member orders, acknowledgements, cancels, including round- trip data related to the Exchange order gateways and matching engines responses.
  • View statistics associated with a firm’s comparison to the broader market within the Member Ranking reports.
  • View high level volume history per exchange in addition to more granular added, removed, and routed orders at a per Tape and per security level for the purpose of tracking and measuring outcomes.
  • View detailed Trade Data reports on behalf of Sponsored Participants or Members for the purpose of firm or client-level reporting, administration, and risk management.

On the effective date, Members will be able to access Premium Exchange Tools from the Customer Web Portal main menu under “Cboe Exchange Tools”. The Premium Exchange Tools suite will include the following reports and services:

  • Stats and Ranking
  • Trade Data
  • Volume History
  • Latency Statistics

Within the Customer Web Portal User Management interface, functionality that is considered a component of the Premium Exchange Tools suite will have a $ icon displayed next to the tool or service name.

Additionally, the Member Ranking Report has recently been enhanced to include symbol level details for Member ranking and volume data in the categories of Total Volume, Added, Removed, and Routed.

To access Premium Exchange Tools, a user must have the new Cboe Premium Exchange Tools privilege or have a Role assigned that includes a report or service included in the Cboe Premium Exchange Tools suite (i.e., Stats and Ranking, Trade Data, Volume History, and Latency Statistics). Premium Exchange Tool privileges will be applicable on a per user per exchange basis.

Access to this new offering will not be granted to group email addresses. Firms should ensure individuals have a login with the required privileges to access Premium Exchange Tools, as group email access to these tools will be terminated at a future date yet to be determined.

Privileges are granted by firm Administrators via the User Management tool in the Customer Web Portal. If a firm Administrator wishes to remove privileges and/or Roles that will become fee liable upon the effective date for any firm associates, Administrators should complete privilege changes by July 1, 2021.