SIX welcomes VanEck ETP AG as a new issuer of Exchange Traded Products (ETPs). With the four new listings by VanEck ETP AG a total of 100 ETPs and Structured Products with cryptocurrencies as underlyings are offered for trading at SIX Swiss Exchange.

“Ethereum is the second most liquid crypto currency after Bitcoin. We’re proud to offer 59 products on the two most liquid crypto currencies for trading with a market capitalization of USD 1,000 billion. – SIX is a world leader with its wide crypto product offering, also on an additional 8 crypto currencies. A warm welcome to VanEck ETP AG joining our issuer ranks and further expanding the product range”, says Christian Reuss, Head SIX Swiss Exchange.

Since the beginning of the year, a volume of nearly CHF 4.6 billion has been traded in products on crypto currencies at SIX – that is an increase of 310% compared to the whole previous year. Six out of the top 10 crypto products by trading turnover year to date are on Bitcoin and Ethereum. For the majority of this volume investors increasingly turn to collateralized ETPs. These numbers underline the strong position of SIX as the world’s leading regulated market place for products with crypto currencies as underlying.

VanEck Investments Ltd. is an ETF issuer at SIX since 2015, currently offering 20 ETFs for trading at SIX and ranking among the top 10 ETF issuers in relation to number of trades year to date. Their new product offering takes the number of ETP issuers at SIX to 10 and brings the number of new ETP issuers for the current year to five – after ETC Issuance GmbH, CoinShares Digital Securities Limited, SEBA Bank and Iconic Funds BTC ETN GmbH.

The New York-based investment management firm VanEck lists four crypto currency ETPs at SIX. These ETPs provide investors with exposure to the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to buy the crypto currencies themselves. Both ETPs are fully collateralized.