Spotware, the developers of the popular online trading platform cTrader, today announce the release of a brand new collection of Open API examples.

The new Open API examples consist of an Open API Library, a console application, a WinForms application and a WPF application.

  • Open API Library

The Open API Library is a collection of necessary yet sophisticated code that allows you to easily integrate Open API with your .Net application and implement the basic functionality of a trading application.

  • Console Application

The console application is a simple tool that allows you to send instructions using Open API through a command line tool. It is an entry level example that is used to demonstrate the basic concepts behind Open API.

  • WinForms Application

The WinForms application is a handy tool that features simple message exchanging between your application and Open API. It is used to demonstrate the basic concepts behind Open API and it becomes very useful when it comes to debugging Open API issues.

  • WPF Application

Spotware’s brand new WPF application is a mini trading application that demonstrates the full potential of Open API. It illustrates how you can use Open API to implement the basic functions of a client trading application. It includes examples of subscribing to and managing live price streams, displaying price charts and managing orders and positions. The WPF application can become the basis of your next innovative trading tool.

For downloading the new Open API examples, please visit this dedicated page.