Multi-asset trading and investment specialist Saxo Bank is planning more changes for its OpenAPI, the backbone of trading platforms such as SaxoTraderGO.

All resources related to CashManagement – Cash Withdrawal in the Client Service service group will be removed. The change is scheduled for January 2022.

Saxo will be removing external access to all endpoints under the /cs/v2/cashmanagement/withdrawals/ route.

If you are using any of these endpoints, you should be switching to the equivalent endpoints in the AssetTransfers service group:

  • atr/v1/cashmanagement/beneficiaryinstructions – to get a list of a clients registered beneficiary instructions
  • atr/v1/cashmanagement/withdrawallimits – to retrieve the maximal amount which can be withdrawn
  • atr/v1/cashmanagement/withdrawals – to submit a cash withdrawal request.

Let’s note that, from November 2021, Saxo plans to introduce Extended AssetTypes. To facilitate a better separation of instruments with different properties, Saxo Bank has decided to redefine the AssetType enumeration.

Currently, the developers team will only introduce the new definition for new applications, created after November 1, 2021. At that time the team will also switch the developer portal to work with this new definition.

Extended AssetTypes are created to make the AssetTypes more granular. The AssetType “Stock” contained not only equities, but also different types of funds. The universe became so big over time, creating the need to be more precise, for example when searching for instruments and handling them in a more specific (or correct) way.

To support this, Saxo have now split the “old” AssetType “Stock” into “Stock”, “ETC” (Exchange-Traded Commodity), “ETF” (Exchange-Traded Funds), “ETN” (Exchange-Traded Notes), “Funds” and “Rights”. Saxo have done the same for their “CFD” equivalents.

Saxo regularly enhances its OpenAPI. It offers:

  • Access to all resources and functionality required to build a high-performance multi-asset trading platform.
  • Better integration with Saxo Bank for partners and affiliates through a growing set of resources, such as Saxo’s Onboarding API.