Cboe Silexx, a multi-asset order execution management system (OEMS) that caters to the professional marketplace, has seen another set of enhancements.

  • Individual Exchange BBOs displayed in Multi-Ticket:
  1. Can enable ‘Show quote panel’ in ticket settings.
  2. Synthetic spread NBBO and cash values for multi-leg orders included.
  3. ‘Double-click’ price population supported.
  4. Can highlight preferred exchanges via ‘Watched exchanges’ in ticket settings.
  • Date columns can be added to Report Center.
  • Connection quality indicator displayed in bottom right corner.

Cboe regularly updates Silexx. Earlier this year, firm administrators got the ability to reactivate previously deleted accounts. There are also improvements concerning Order Tickets.

Thanks to the preceding set of enhancements, the platform supports four decimal places for tied orders. Furthermore, Bid / Ask Size columns reflect size across all options exchanges at the NBBO in aggregate.

Recent enhancements also included availability of row filtering in Firm Accounts, Firm Users, and Complex Order Book. “Staged” has been added as status in Order Manager and Order History. The platform has added new columns: “Created Date” column is available in Firm Accounts and Tag1 column is available in Trade Confirms.