The Colombian stock exchange (bvc) has successfully implemented the trading platform developed by BME, which integrates all its electronic markets into a single screen. Fixed Income traders will benefit from new functionalities and enhancements, while equity and derivatives traders will be able to migrate gradually from the old terminals to the Master Trader multimarket screen.

Besides consolidating all trading on a single screen, bvc’s Master Trader platform offers advanced trading functionalities, some of which are available from the outset, while others will be gradually activated to bring value to market participants, facilitating and optimising their day-to-day trading.

Transactions carried out during the migration to this system represented 4.7 billion Colombian pesos in the equity market and 5.3 billion in derivatives.

The strategic collaboration between bvc and BME will facilitate the evolution of the Colombian market through the development of new initiatives that build on the newly deployed platform. The implementation process involved the participation of all members and the market for its proper functioning.

Juan Pablo Córdoba, Chairman of bvc, commented:

“This is a great step towards the integration of all markets, and improves operational and trading ease and efficiency while at the same time allowing us to add value thanks to more and better information on a multi-market platform. We expect that more companies will join this successful experience for trading on this system, because it entails taking trading to the next level and with greater business possibilities”.

Berta Ares, general manager of BME Inntech, said that this new development “is the result of BME’s commitment to innovation and digitisation as the main ways to add value to the financial industry and at the same time we strengthen our commitment to Latin America, a market full of potential and of great interest to BME”.