Aquis Exchange today issued a warning regarding increased volatility in trading of certain stocks.

There have recently been episodes of very high volatility in certain US stocks, linked to a significant accumulation of net short positions and concerted action by some retail investors, based on information shared on social media.

Although market rules and structures are different in the UK, it is possible that similar circumstances could also occur in UK markets. Aquis says it is starting to note increased volatility in certain sectors.

AQSE urges retail investors to be careful when taking investment decisions based exclusively on information from social media and other unregulated online platforms, if they cannot verify the reliability and quality of that information.

Retail investors face significant risks when investing in stocks characterised by very high price volatility. Volatility could be increased by many factors including when stocks are subject to heavy short selling. Price trends can suddenly come to a halt and reverse, quickly exposing retail clients to heavy losses.

Discussing the opportunity to buy or sell the shares of an issuer does not constitute market abuse. However, organising or executing coordinated strategies to trade or place orders at certain conditions and times to move a share’s price could constitute market manipulation.

Aquis also advises that special care should be taken when posting information on social media about an issuer or a financial instrument, as disseminating false or misleading information may also be market manipulation. Additionally, care should be taken when disseminating investment recommendations through any media, including social media and online platforms, as they are subject to a number of regulatory requirements.