Swiss online trading major Swissquote has axed the fees for US markets trading. With Swissquote, fees are now $9 instead of $15 for transactions under $500.

With a higher historical performance than most other investments, stocks are the cornerstone of most portfolios. They are suitable for both long-term investment and short-term strategies.

Stocks offer two potential sources of returns, as investors benefit from both capital appreciation and dividend income. Also, clients of Swissquote can this way diversify their investments, as they can access a broad range of companies, from small to large capitalisations.

The company also offers its traders to invest in domestic or international corporations.

Swissquote offers competitive pricing starting from CHF 9, as well as zero account maintenance fees and quarterly custody fees capped at CHF 50 max.

Also, Swissquote’s clients can make use of a multi-currency account with 21 currencies, an advanced trading platform and analysis tools. Traders can access real-time pricing feeds on major exchanges.

The Stock Finder is a useful tool for daily market analysis.

Swissquote offers its clients to invest in major companies listed in the NYSE & Nasdaq. They can also trade the Swiss champions on the SIX & BX exchanges, as well as to companies listed on Euronext, LSE, Deutsche Börse & major EU stock exchanges. Finally, traders have access to 14 Asian stock exchanges including TSE & SEHK.