Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698), a major provider of online trading services in Japan, the United States, Hong Kong and Australia, today announced the completion of its acquisition of all shares of Viling, Inc.

Viling is a Tokyo-based education and childcare business, which was established in 2012.

Recently, Monex Group has revised its business principles and set as its ultimate goal the realization of individual self-fulfillment through the optimization of each person’s lifetime balance sheet. The broker says that money is just one tool for self-fulfillment.

In addition to supporting individuals in their efforts to increase their money through investment and asset building, Monex believes it should provide the services such as:

  • Supporting individuals to achieve self-fullfillment even with limited money;
  • Supporting individuals to develop a mind-set to think about how to live a better life;
  • Supporting individuals in their efforts to prevent or treat difficult diseases, which often reduce spending and are time consuming to support individuals in optimizing their lifetime balance sheets, including in a non-monetary, non-financial sense.

As part of this effort, Monex Group has been looking into the education business as a means to enhance well-being and contribute to individual self-fulfillment. Concurring with Viling’s corporate philosophy and business, Monex Group decided to enter the education business by acquiring all shares of Viling and making it a wholly owned subsidiary.

Viling develops its own educational materials and content, manages its own classrooms and operates franchises. With STEAM education, Viling nurtures problem-solving skills through the use of technology and other means to develop human resources who can play an active role in the new “Society 5.0.”

Monex comments:

“We believe Viling, with its global standard educational theories and its philosophy and passion for social contribution, is the best partner to pursue Monex Group’s new business principles.

By combining Viling’s expertise in STEAM education cultivated through its businesses with Monex Group’s knowledge of networks and cutting-edge IT technology accumulated through its financial services, we will provide a wide range of high-quality, primarily STEAM educational opportunities that enable individuals to achieve self- fulfillment”.