Online trading company eToro has introduced a new eToro Web Home Screen.

As soon as you click on “Home”, the first thing you will see at the top of the screen is this new Ticker Bar, which shows leading instruments and their daily change. Also, you will notice that the Ticker Bar slides across the top of your screen. Hovering over a particular asset will stop the bar from moving, so you can take a more detailed look. Clicking on an asset will re-direct you to the asset page.

The Portfolio Overview section shows your unrealized equity, which represents the state of your account if you were to close all of your open positions and thereby realize your current gains or losses. Therefore, it’s the sum of your Available balance (funds available to open new trades) plus Total Allocated (funds currently invested in manual trades, other traders, or CopyPortfolios, or pending orders) plus Profit (the current sum of your gains and losses from all open trades).

eToro has also added more time frames and a more interactive and informative chart to view your portfolio change.

A new widget called Big Movers shows the biggest market movers (either gainers or losers) on your watchlist and portfolio. If the asset appears in your watchlist, clicking on it will lead you to the instrument’s page. However, if the asset is in your portfolio, clicking it would lead you to your portfolio breakdown.

The news feed got a face-lift and now delivers much more personalized information for your particular account.

  • Trending on the Feed

This has been a long-awaited feature that shows what assets are creating a “buzz” on the eToro feed, and in how many posts the asset is currently tagged.

  • Might Interest You

eToro is using its recommendation model, which is based on account activity, investing actions, page views, and what other users are doing on the platform.

The new user interface is being rolled out gradually. Therefore, it may be unavailable in certain regions for some users.