Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) and Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. (TOCOM) will start derivatives holiday trading around September 2022.

The Exchanges currently designate Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays and some days over New Year as non-business days. As Japan has relatively more national holidays than other countries, and as derivative exchanges in many countries operate their markets even on national holidays, there are many days where index futures and commodity futures trading can be carried out on overseas derivative exchanges while the Exchange is closed.

In light of this situation, the Exchange will introduce holiday trading in its derivatives market, from the perspective of further convenience for investors through provision of hedging opportunities during national holidays, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of Japan’s derivatives markets.

The eligible products for holiday trading will include Index Futures and Options, as well as Commodity Futures and Options on Commodity Futures (including products listed on TOCOM).

Any trading participant who participates in holiday trading will be required to apply in advance to the Exchange.

The “trading day” of derivatives holiday trading shall be the same as that of the night session which starts on the business day preceding the holiday trading day(s) and the day session which starts from the business day following the holiday trading day(s).

The trading hours for day and night sessions of holiday trading days will be the same as those for day and night sessions on weekdays. The same trading rules as those on weekdays will apply to holiday trading.

Holiday trading will be conducted on J-GATE. The J-NET portal (a service provided by OSE as a system for orders on the J-NET market) will be also available.