Following the successful completion of the Readiness Test on 3 July 2021 with satisfactory results obtained, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) today announces the additional two Matching Engines (ME) will be put into production from Monday, 2 August 2021.

Upon the production of the two new MEs, HKEX will allocate some of the existing products traded in HKATS to the new ME5 and ME6 respectively.

Exchange Participants (EPs) are reminded that existing HKATS Online and OAPI users are not required to install any additional software or hardware for the introduction of new MEs. However, EPs and Market Makers/ Liquidity Providers using OAPI programs are reminded to review their usage on mass quote transactions (MO93 and MO96) and T2 Combo Trade Report transaction (MO77) which are ME dependent. Same as the current production technical arrangement, MO93, MO96 and MO77 would only allow contracts within same ME for each transaction.

Similarly, EPs using HKATS Online are reminded not to input T2 Combo Trade Report through Enter Trade Report window with contracts across MEs. Good-Till-Cancel (GTC) and Good-Till-Date (GTD) orders will be carried along with the new ME implementation.

After the launch on 2 August 2021, there will be a two-week stabilization period from 2 August to 13 August 2021. In the unlikely event of system outage of HKATS, HKEX will announce the detailed arrangements and suspend the trading temporarily. After the fallback, trading will resume with an empty order book.

EPs are required to re-enter any outstanding orders, where necessary.