Equinix, a key provider of digital infrastructure for the Forex industry, has announced that it will evacuate its Frankfurt 5 facility because a World War II projectile has been discovered nearby.

The company has been notified by the Frankfurt Government authorities that a World War II projectile has been discovered in the Frankfurt district of Gallus, approximately 250 metres from the Equinix Frankfurt 5 facility. The Government authorities have indicated that they will take appropriate action to neutralize the projectile on Sunday, December 6th, 2020, at which time we will evacuate the Equinix site for approximately 12 consecutive hours.

Equinix stated:

We have taken sufficient time to prepare and execute remote monitoring of site specific infrastructure and security for the duration of the evacuation. We have been reassured that there is no immediate threat to the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners currently in FR5.

The local Fire Department has confirmed that a World War II bomb in the Gallus district of Frankfurt is to be defused on Sunday, December 6th, 2020. The 500kg bomb from World War II was found during works in a construction pit in Kleyerstrasse.

Due to the amount of explosives and the design of the British-type bomb, an evacuation radius of around 700 meters is required, as a detonation could cause massive damage to buildings and a great danger to human life.

According to the population registration statistics, around 12,800 residents would be affected. There are also old people’s homes, some other special objects such as district heating, internet hubs and substations as well as central Deutsche Bahn facilities in the area. The pandemic situation presents an additional difficulty. Due to the circumstances in this case, the deactivation can continue into the evening hours.

There is also a protection zone adjacent to the evacuation area. So-called “air raid protection” applies to these addresses. That means: after 8 a.m. it is no longer allowed to leave the apartment, houses or workplaces. People should stay away from windows, glass doors, terraces and balconies. Windows and doors must be kept closed.