Online trading major IG is offering members of the IG community to have their say on projects the company is considering to add in the future. The list currently includes five projects, which traders can review and vote for. They can also leave any feedback about the ideas.

  • 1. Live Streamed Calendar Events

This functionality provides IG clients with access to live streams of important economic and market announcements. It would be accessed via the economic calendar. IG will provide streams from major central bank announcements, major company earnings calls and other important company events (e.g. product announcements).

Also, traders will be able to set reminders and alerts from the economic calendar, and then watch them in a window while interacting with the rest of the platform.

  • 2. Personalised Notifications

This is a service that provides IG’s clients with personalised push notifications based on their trading activity and interaction with IG. These will cover:

• Trade analytics insights

• Recommendations for IG Academy courses based on a client’s recent activity

Let’s note that this feature builds on current automatic personalised notifications about major movements in the markets traders are most interested in.

  • 3. Personalised workspace

The personalised workspace will give you the option for IG to pre-populate your workspace and watchlists depending on your interests. Ig will base this on the assets and products you’re interested in.

The personalised workspace will help you to:

• Stay on top of the markets you’ve interacted most with;

• Reduce workspace clutter by deprioritising things you haven’t looked at for a while.

  • 4. IG Academy walkthroughs

Currently IG Academy courses are self contained – and use text and diagrams to explain theoretical trading concepts. IG Academy Walkthroughs will demonstrate how practical concepts work using IG’s platform.

  • 5. Ask IG …

This functionality comprises a range of IG services, accessible through voice channels. Traders will be able to access Ask IG through their preferred smart speaker (e.g. Google Home, Alexa), through the voice function or their phone (e.g. Siri) or through the IG app.

IG’s clients will be able to use “Ask IG” to get answers to questions about one’s account and open positions, and to ask questions about the wider markets.

The poll is closing soon, so make sure to submit your vote if you feel like shaping IG’s future.