Electronic trading major IG is expanding its offering by adding new ETFs that provide exposure to space and travel industries.

UK investors can now get broad exposure to both the travel and space industries through two new exchange traded funds: Airlines Hotels Cruise Lines UCITS ETF and Procure Space UCITS ETF.

HanETF has launched Europe’s first airlines, hotels and cruise lines exchange traded fund (ETF) under the ticker TRIP which listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in June. The aim is to provide exposure to an industry that has struggled heavily over the last year and looks poised for a post pandemic bounce back.

Hector McNeil, co-founder and co-chief executive officer (CEO) at HANetf, said ‘the travel industry has been decimated after the pandemic but we are optimistic about a rebound in the travel industry in the short term due to the speed and extent of a Covid-19 vaccine roll out, business travel restarting and pent up demand resulting from trips not taken during the pandemic. Over the longer term, the growth of disposable income and savings as well as the size and pace of a global economic recovery will be key factors although it may take a few years to regain the lost ground.’

HanETF has also launched YODA on the LSE, a new ETF which aims to give European investors the first chance to access the expanding space economy. The index focuses on satellite operators and hardware as investment in the space industry grows and will offer early entry to space tourism and hospitality as costs fall to meet demand.

Satellite systems and technologies are a major growth market as the growth of Uber, Deliveroo and others demonstrate. GPS is central to their success just as satellites are vital for providing higher bandwidth and coverage in broadband and telecoms.

IG customers can find these funds on the IG share dealing platform where UK shares and ETFs can be bought and sold from as little as £3 per trade.