Next stop – a trillion!

Exness took a major step toward becoming the first Retail FX and CFDs broker to top $1 trillion in monthly volumes since the mid-2010s heydays of FXCM and, with March client trading volume coming in at a record (and whopping!) $930.6 billion.

That eclipses Exness’ previous record of $785.1 billion set in March 2020 – driven then by volatility in the wake of the unfolding COVID pandemic and subsequent market crash and recovery – by a nice margin of 18.5%.

Exness also saw a record number of active traders during the month – 187,609 – easily topping the company’s previous record (last month) of 178,175.

For Q1-2021 overall, Exness averaged $742.6 billion in monthly volumes, well ahead of 2020’s average of $565.4 billion.

Exness has its client volumes, client withdrawal figures and agent commissions paid audited each quarter by Deloitte.