Texas Securities Commissioner Travis J. Iles has brought another emergency cease and desist order against promoters of fraudulent investment plans. The order targets Affort Projects, the operator of numerous online platforms including AlgorAndTrade24, AuxiliaryFX Ltd., CryptoDailyTradePlus, CryptoStreamTrade, Exerlo, FXTradePlus24, FXVirwoxFair, Nexetral, PrimeCoinOption, SplitFxTrade, TradeFlow 24, TradeOptionMarket, ViaForexTrade, XpressTrade24 and XpressTrade247.

The emergency order found these entities were offering investments in investment plans, including the starter plan, premium plan and executive plan. The off-market products supposedly paid exorbitant returns – as much as 20% per week through high-frequency Bitcoin trading. Most returns were allegedly characterized as either risk-free or guaranteed.

According to the order, these investment plans were part of a scheme to defraud the public. In furtherance of the scheme, the respondents were not providing full, truthful information to potential clients – they were not, for example, identifying principals and key personnel or strategies for actually generating the exorbitant profits.

The emergency order also accused the parties of deceiving potential investors through their claims of regulation by a Forex regulator – and not disclosing Spanish officials already warned the public about a previous illegal offering.

The Texas State Securities Board encourages investors to conduct through due diligence and investigate before they purchase an investment.