Forex technology and MT4/MT5 integration specialist PrimeXM has announced that its XCore order management, risk and reporting solution has added a new feature – Streamlined Management of Liquidity Pools.

PrimeXM said that the new feature is designed to provide XCore users the flexibility to add or remove any available provider(s) in the XCore for different aggregation strategies in the Liquidity Pool setting.

The company listed key advantages including:

  • Dynamic solution to add or remove Provider(s) for selected symbols, security or liquidity pool
  • Enable XCore users to deploy complex aggregation strategies in a fast and easy manner
  • Provider(s) can be updated in real-time or as a scheduled pending configuration

Separately, PrimeXM announced that as a part of its continuous collaboration with a wide range of third-party partners, it has recently completed the integration with Refinitiv Elektron as a Service into the XCore ecosystem.

Refinitiv Elektron provides market data access to more than 500 exchange-traded and thousands of OTC markets. This integration allows the delivery of low latency real-time price feeds of subscribed instruments into the XCore either as an independent reference price feed or as a part of price aggregation.

Among other integrations, XCore has already been connected directly with CBOE Exchange Market Data Services for U.S. Equities Exchange BZX, and European Equities Exchanges BXE & CXE. Other integrated Market data providers are also available through XCore, such as dxFeed Consolidated Market Data Feed, and ICE Data Services.