Dubai-based, Mauritius-domiciled offshore hedge fund investment firm BesstPoint Capital has announced that it has moved its trading infrastructure to the MetaTrader 5 platform, from MetaQuotes.

BesstPoint Capital House Limited is an independent global company founded by experienced fund managers. The broker’s team focuses on differentiated strategies that help to successfully manage investments.

Collectively, BesstPoint Capital House manages US$ 250 million in funds for institutions, financial advisers and private investors. Broker team members, who have more than 14 years of investments experience, manage US$ 65.8 million in client portfolio.

Mr Santoshkumar Gaikwad (pictured above) of BesstPoint Capital House commented:

“With MetaTrader 5 now as Hedge Fund Software, we are reaching our goals and giving our investors all advantages of Multi Market Platform in real sense.

Now our dealing room can access deep liquidity from multiple sources, apply various algorithms, calculate and share the net asset value (NAV)/asset under management (AUM) together with the management/performance fee, as well as generate reports. The ability to do all this on mobile devices gives us more transparency and flexibility”.