Electronic trading major Interactive Brokers keeps enhancing PortfolioAnalyst, a solution that consolidates, tracks and analyzes one’s complete financial performance.

The solution now offers a new Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report. Socially conscious investors can analyze their portfolio’s ESG ratings summary, controversy distribution, and largest holdings.

  • Ratings Summary – incorporates ESG Score, Controversies Score Combined Score, Percentage of companies in portfolio with ESG score, and ESG pillar breakdown.
  • Controversy Distribution – bar chart that exemplifies the controversies score by position weight (%).
  • Largest Holdings – outlines top 10 holdings and all associated ESG scores. Top and bottom ESG performers are also identified.

As FX News Group has reported, Interactive Brokers has recently introduced its new Home Tab in PortfolioAnalyst. The solution now offers the ability to toggle between Money-Weighted and Time-Weighted returns and view/hide chart or table.

Users can also view performance by Account Type and Asset Class/Financial Instrument.

One can also filter Excluded and External Accounts, configure columns, and link another external account.

Earlier this year, legacy reports Allocation by Sector and Performance by Sector have been removed and combined into a new Allocation and Performance by Sector report.

The allocation section now offers amount and percent change over time, with Δ representing change. In addition, the performance section now offers MTM performance represented in amount and percent.

PortfolioAnalyst offers its users to analyze their bond portfolio with the new Fixed Income report.

Users will be prompted with message when selecting both Historical Performance/Benchmark Comparison, Performance Statistics/Benchmark Comparison, Risk Measures/Benchmark Comparison.

Finally, there are new PDF report changes applied to IB Canada Annual Report. General changes include modern styles, reduced blank space, fewer pages, and faster report generation.

Let’s note that PortfolioAnalyst is free for all to use but IBKR broker clients enjoy full access to PortfolioAnalyst’s advanced features and receive real-time updates regarding their IBKR portfolio positions.