Geneva based Retail FX and CFDs broker Dukascopy has announced the latest additions and changes to its JForex4 trading platform, which it both operates and white labels out to other brokers.

After the recent launch of Hong Kong stock CFDs, Dukascopy said that a set of Japanese CFD equities have just been added to JForex4. Clients of Dukascopy are invited to experience 56 new trading instruments including CFDs of companies such as Sony, Toyota and Canon. This brings the total number of instruments available for trading to 727.

Another update of the JForex trading platform is the reduction of minimum trade sizes. The following Index CFDs have new minimum trade and trade size increment of 0.1 contracts: USA30.IDX/USD, DEU.IDX/USD, CHI.IDX/USD and HKG.IDX/HKD.

Minimum trade size for USTBOND.TR/USD, BUND.TR/EUR and UKGILT.TR/GBP was reduced from 100 to 10 contracts, the new trade size increment is 1 and BTC/USD can now be traded in amounts and in increments as little as 0.01.

Dukascopy also reported recently that it was adding weekend trading in cryptocurrencies on the JForex4 platform.

The company said that these improvements and many others are all part of its next generation JForex4 platform, designed as a wide-range multi-product-platform with improved functionality, capable to meet the needs of both professional and retail traders.