Provider of trading technology and liquidity Virtu Financial Inc (NASDAQ:VIRT) announced today that Virtu Analytics has launched its Open Intell and Open Python big data analytics utilities.

Virtu’s Open Intell and Open Python offer flexible programing support and leverage a unified framework of web-based technologies that enable buy-side clients to transform their data into dynamic and meaningful strategic choices in areas such as trading strategy selection, cost attribution and counterparty evaluation. In addition, Open Intell and Open Python help subscribers manage infrastructure costs related to technology and in-house data science staffing needs while mitigating the risks associated with limited scope and stale or immature data analysis processes.

Open Intell and Open Python were created in response to global client demand following the firm’s Everyone Can Code Python webinar series, launched in 2020. Subscribers select their desired level of support to create their own custom data-driven intelligence ecosystem:

  • Open Intell: Outsource the systematic and programmatic retrieval and enrichment of big data to Virtu’s global and multi-asset Data Analytics specialists. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for machine learning and artificial intelligence and combined with Virtu’s Open Technology APIs to help clients quickly gain meaningful insights.
  • Open Python: The self-serve option is designed for clients without in-house and data engineering capabilities. Powered by AWS and combined with Virtu’s Open Technology APIs1 to help derive meaningful insights from data. Virtu’s Data Analytics specialists are available to support Open Python subscribers on demand.

Erin Stanton, Global Head of Analytics Client Services and Coverage, commented:

“Not all organizations have the resources to build-out and maintain entire data science teams—and this is where the concept of outsourcing with an experienced and trusted partner really makes sense—our global team of data analysis experts can act as an extension of a client’s internal trading desk/TCA group. When integrated with Virtu’s Open Technology infrastructure, the Open Intell and Open Python utilities can help clients with data maturity and management practices alongside Virtu’s existing benchmarking and market impact modeling capabilities.”

Virtu’s Open Intell and Open Python utilities are available to new and existing Analytics subscribers and is managed by Virtu’s broker-neutral Workflow Technology and Trade Analytics, Data and Reporting division.

Let’s recall that, in November 2020, the company announced the launch of Fixed Income Agency Cost Estimator (FI ACE), a pre-trade analytics tool designed to provide transparency and measurement of liquidity and transaction costs in fixed income markets.

FI ACE provides a proprietary pre-trade liquidity model that helps confirm execution decision making, assists in liquidity management and helps document best execution in connection with regulatory obligations.