A tech issue has resulted in a termination of trading in all products on Euronext earlier today. The issues have been confirmed by Euronext via a post on Twitter.

“Due to a technical issue, trading has been halted in all Euronext Products until further notice.

We are working to resolve this issue and we will provide an update as soon as possible regarding the resumption of trading”, the tweet from Euronext said.

This is the third major exchange to have a “glitch” and go down, after New Zealand (4 days) and more recently Tokyo (1 day). As FX News Group has reported, Japan Exchange Group, the operator of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, stated on October 1, 2020, that a technical glitch occurred in the “distribution of market data” before markets were set to open in the morning. No reason was given for the supposed glitch. However stock market operators around the world have been on high alert since a cyber attack in late August brought trading to a halt on New Zealand’s NZX for four days in a row.