Effective January 9, 2022, Cboe Futures Exchange, LLC (CFE) will enable the submission and acceptance of Block and Exchange of Contract for Related Position (ECRP) trade notifications via a new API service called Block/ECRP Trade Reporting.

This new API will support all existing trade notification entry, acceptance, and rejection functionality currently available in the Block/ECRP Reporting Tool accessed via the US Customer Web Portal. CFE Authorized Reporters are the only users allowed to submit and accept Block and ECRP trade notifications.

Upon the effective date, the new API will support the following functionality.

  • Enable submitters to enter new Block and/or ECRP trade notifications with the same fields available today through the tool on the Web Portal.
  • Enable counterparty acceptance or rejection of Block and/or ECRP trade notifications;
  • Enable delivery of a Reference ID in response to a Block or ECRP trade notification submission; this Reference ID will also be emailed to the contra party.

As with the existing Web Portal tool, the new API will not allow submitters of the original trade notification to modify or cancel that submission.

Submission of a Block or ECRP trade notification through the API does not necessitate the use of the API for accepting the trade notification. CFE Authorized Reporters may use either the API or the Block/ECRP Trade Reporting Tool to accept the trade notification. Likewise, an Authorized Reporter may use the API to accept a trade notification even if the originating trade notification was submitted through the Block/ECRP Trade Reporting Tool.

Testing opportunities for the new Block/ECRP API service are currently available in the CFE certification environment.