Exchange services group Aquis Exchange PLC (LON:AQX) today announced that its software development and licensing arm Aquis Technologies has completed a project in collaboration with Singapore Exchange (SGX) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to validate that complex exchange architecture and operations can work as efficiently in the cloud as in physical data centres.

While most major financial exchanges operate using physical data centres, the infrastructure required to run a trading environment is massive, costly and the required networking to connect to market participants is complex. If trading firms could leverage all the benefits of running a cloud-based solution, the cost optimisation, scalability and resiliency would make it very attractive.

Working alongside SGX, Asia’s leading multi-asset exchange, and the AWS Transit Gateway team, Aquis was successful in developing a proof of concept to show running matching and messaging in the cloud is indeed a viable option.

The project produced a cloud-native financial exchange that had very low latency with minimal jitter (i.e. level of consistency) while using multicasting (technology used to transmit data to a group of destinations simultaneously) in a manner consistent with a highly liquid and regulated environment.

Mayumi Hiramatsu, Vice President, EC2 Networking, Amazon Web Services, Inc, comments:

“We are excited by the results of the Aquis proof of concept with SGX, which defines a path to free customers from maintaining legacy on-premises infrastructure and implementing complex workarounds to run multicast workloads in the cloud. With native support for multicast, AWS Transit Gateway makes it easy for Aquis to deploy trading applications that require multicast messaging while having the ability to monitor, manage, and scale multicast configurations for hundreds of receivers.”