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Gerald Segal

Gerald is the founder of FNG and is one of the most experienced writers covering the online trading sector. Prior to starting FNG, Gerald founded Forex industry B2B news website in 2010, selling it in 2018 to publicly traded Catena Media plc (STO:CTM). An avid skier, cyclist and ice hockey player, Gerald was previously an investment banker for more than a decade at Bear Stearns, Robertson Stephens, and Merrill Lynch. Gerald holds an MBA from Columbia University in New York and a BCOM degree from the University of Toronto.

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  1. Akira
    June 29, 2023 @ 5:53 pm

    Hello. We have something to say regarding to LCG’s systems failure.

    “We are currently experiencing a major IT outage which is impacting our trading platforms. Clients are unable to login or trade.

    Work to resolve the issue is ongoing.

    Currently we do not have an expected recovery time, but are doing everything in our power to resume normal operations as quickly as possible.” – stated LCG company.

    We want to bring some clarity here. First, the failure in the company’s system occurred due to our activities. There will be no recovery at all. We blocked the entire internal infrastructure of the company and took a huge amount of sensitive information, which will soon be published on our blog.

    At this point, we must inform all users to withdraw all funds as soon as possible, since the owners of the company hide from you an incredible amount of information about fraudulent schemes, money laundering through an offshore company and much MUCH more. The management of the company should suffer a serious punishment shortly, which they are already trying in every possible way to delay.


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