Retail FX and CFDs broker Admirals, which recently rebranded from Admiral Markets, has announced that its branded physical debit card is now available to Admirals clients.

We had reported late last year that the company was launching its own Visa debit card, with the initial launch being a free virtual card and the physical card to become available (as it is now) in early 2021.

The virtual card is free to issue and available to everyone with an approved application, and the physical card is available for just €10. Note that the physical card is also free for clients whose total wallet balance exceeds €5,000.

Admirals clients can transfer funds from their account wallet to the card with just a few clicks, and spend returns any way they wish, from shopping anywhere where Visa is accepted to cash withdrawals from millions of ATMs worldwide.

Clients can also set the card to automatically top-up the balance to maintain a defined amount.

Admirals Member of the Management Board and Chief Value Officer Jens Chrzanowski posted the following about the launch on social media:

After our recent launch of the virtual Admiral Markets Card, the day has finally come to UNBOX the new physical card!

❑ For 20 years of Admiral Markets we were a Forex & CFD Broker.
❑ In March 2021, we rebranded to Admirals.
❑ With that first step, the journey only began.
❑ Now, we are growing into a global financial hub. Admirals