Italian financial regulator CONSOB has ordered the blackout of seven additional websites, which illegally offer financial services in Italy.

The regulator made use of the powers deriving from the “growth decree” (law no. 58 of 28 June 2019, article 36, paragraph 2), according to which CONSOB can order Internet connectivity service providers to block access from Italy to the websites through which financial services are offered without due authorization.

Below is the list of companies and sites:

  • “CruxINV” (sites and
  • Digital Exchange Limited and Securex Plus Solutions EOOD (
  • Maginito Services Ltd (
  • Kleinman Enterprise LTD and Kleinman Services OU (
  • FXLinked Ltd, FXLinked (SV) LTD, FXLinked (Europa) Ltd and FXLinked (Seychelles) ( and

These bring to 211 the total number of sites which have been blocked by CONSOB since July 2019, when the regulator was empowered to order the blackout of sites web of illegal financial intermediaries.

The measures adopted by CONSOB are available on the website

The blackout of the sites noted by internet connectivity providers operating on Italian territory is underway . For technical reasons the actual blackout may take a few days.

CONSOB said that it draws the attention of savers to the importance of using the utmost diligence in order to make investment choices in full awareness, adopting common sense behaviors, essential to safeguard their savings: among these, preventive verification, for the sites that offer financial services, that the operator through which you invest is authorized and, for the offers of financial products, that a prospectus has been published.