TradeStation trader education unit YouCanTrade has announced that it has Launched two new educational channels to promote financial literacy and help fulfill its stated mission to bring trading education to the masses.

Built with traders in mind, YouCanTrade said that these new channels and coaches help traders of all levels step up their trading game with the power of real-time trading rooms and a growing social community

YouCanTrade is a subsidiary of TradeStation Group (itself a unit of Japanese financial firm Monex Group), established as an online investment education media service and community designed to help traders, active investors and anyone who wants to learn more about the financial markets.

The two new educational channels launched by YouCanTrade are: Crypto Untapped and Traddictiv. The company said that these two new channels are part of a greater expansion and underscore YouCanTrade’s commitment to building a strong community where traders can pick up tips and tricks from a roster of specialty “coaches,” and each other, by sharing learned trading approaches and techniques.

Crypto Untapped, coached by veteran trader Rob Klages, is YouCanTrade’s first crypto channel offering and allows both beginning and seasoned traders alike to explore the exciting new asset class and witness the latest crypto trading tools in action.

Traddictiv combines quality education with powerful coaching and innovative, easy-to-use trading technology to mitigate the challenges attached to today’s busy lives and the impact of the fluctuating emotions associated with trading. Leveraging multi-asset and multi-style education, Traddictiv is designed for traders, investors and hedgers looking to gain an edge in futures, options, options on futures, forex and cryptocurrencies in addition to stocks and ETFs. With eight coaches total, the channel is led by head coach Jose Blasco who specializes in options, equities, futures and currencies and trades both directional and non-directional strategies.

“Investors come to YouCanTrade with diverse backgrounds, experience levels and trading objectives, but they all share one thing in common: the desire to learn and step up their trading game. We know how difficult it can be to learn and grow in this industry, and YouCanTrade is dedicated to helping people start or advance their journey in the stock market through our community of traders,” said Sarah Potter, President of YouCanTrade and Chief Education Officer at TradeStation Group. “We’re thrilled to add more coaches and asset classes to our ever-growing roster of educational resources to help traders find ideas and challenge themselves while feeling secure with the support of the coaches and network around them.”

Members of the YouCanTrade community will enjoy instant trade alerts via text, live and interactive trading rooms done in real-time with real money, experienced trading coaches, trade summaries and trading room archives that they have grown accustomed to. Further, because the live trading rooms are always done in real-time and with real money, trades aren’t delayed or simulated, so the risk is just as real as the reward. One-on-one coaching sessions and additional online courses are also available for traders looking for an edge in their trading tactics or even for people who have never traded before.